General Information
Dear one cylinder fans, This year the Monoconnection Meeting will take place from Friday the 7th of September until Sunday the 9th. As usual we expect riders from all over the world with a love for sportive street singles like: SR, SRX, SZR, XBR, GB, DUKE, SATURNO, MUZ and all sorts of specials. We hope to welcome you too!!

Just like last year the meeting will be held at the centrally situated camping site "de Waay" in Doornenburg. At this site the Connection has two circles at one's disposure, where tents are allowed. It is also possible to rend one of the three hiking huts. (don't wait too long with reservation). The environment is perfect for riding beautiful routes. To make sure that we also can "kick around" through the evening, we have booked a recreational shed.
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The programme
Friday A welcoming reception at the camping site, putting up your tent/organizing your hiking hut. Making new friends and seeing old friends again over a glass of ...

Saturday There are three possible routes that can be ridden. You can ride with the sportive group, the tour group, or the alternative group.

The sportive group will use a somewhat heavy drive style, the tour group will see some more of the beautiful landscape and the alternative group will make a stop for a visit on location.

At night there is a pleasant programme in the recreation shed. Besides good music, you can enjoy cold beer and good company.

Sunday After making an easy going start we see a place of interest in the neighbourhood.
Address Camping site:
Camping “De Waay”
Rijndijk 67A
The Netherlands

camping phone: +31 (0) 481 483 048
camping email:

Or email Sjak Everts: for more information